A Few Parade Pics

Fairfax City July 4, 2012

1 R E Electric repainted donated and truck.jpg

2 R E Electric also built ramp and provided PA system--Grazie per tutto!.jpg

3 Bob and Beverly came from Penninusla I-A lodge to help.jpg

4 Decoration guru, John Asiello, distributes sashes.jpg

5 That's not June's right arm!.jpg

6 Our Pres isn't posing, she's working!.jpg

7 Paul, John, Sharon, and Nancy.jpg

8 John loves his Jeep.jpg

9 Sharon, did you break that car?.jpg

91 Sharon drove the President's car, and Rosalie navigated.jpg

92 Forget decorating the car, John, please fix the flag on the left!.jpg

93 I Thought I just had to plan this thing, not carry ice!.jpg

94 Next parade unit can't keep up with our truck.jpg

95 Wave to the spectator on the right, Carol.jpg

96 Gino lipsyncs "O Sole Mio".jpg

97 It's hard being ignored when the parade winds down.jpg

98 As we park,Omero demonstrates siesta time.jpg