Trip to the scenes October 2014
residence 1  Montalbano's residence, side view Residence 4  View from Montalbano's balcony toward beach Residence 2  Montalbano residence with beach and some of our tour group Residence 5  And another view
Residence 3  There seems to be a celebrity in the area. Beach 1  Beach scene outside Montalbano's residence. Beach 2  This view along the beach looks toward his home Production 1  Production crew vans in place for filming of an eposiode of Il Giovane Montalbano; local beach goers not impressed
lighting1  Lighting crews prepare for filming beside the residence, which is to the right of this pic police car 1  Right after putting "Polizia" on old car in car 2  Replacing license plate car 5  Now it's a police car
Spectators 1  Touists gather to watch the filming Questora 2  The Scicli municipal building seems proud of its setting for the the Montalbano headquarters. Questora 1  The Quetora Questora 3.jjpg  Questora's (Mayor of Scicli's) desk
office 1  The Questora says, "Montalbano, you're off the case!"