Don’t miss any great Italian Heritage Lodge events, due to conflicting events on your busy schedule.  Check the "Calendar" page on this site frequently for changes in future events for which you will want to be sure to mark your calendars and to see what you’ve missed!

Two email etiquette tips:  1) When replying to an email with multiple addressees, let’s be sure we want our response to go to everyone on that list before using the “Reply All” option. If we want the reply to go only to the sender, let’s choose “Reply”, instead.  2) Also, if we want to send a message to a large number of recipients, especially everyone in the lodge for whom we have an email address, let’s not display all those addresses, as a matter of privacy.  So, instead of putting the addresses in the “To:” block, we should put our own address there and put all the other addresses in the “Bcc:” (Blind Carbon Copy) block.  Everyone on the list will still get a copy, but each recipient will see only his or her own address.   (If you use Outlook Express for email and don't see “Bcc... ”, click on the arrow next to the “options” button and click on “Bcc.”)